My Head Was Stuck in the Clouds, Just Ten Feet up off of the Ground

by teethforteeth

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released 12 August 2013

artwork done by our own Derick Rodriguez:

recorded, mixed and mastered by our own Patrick Fonte



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Anything
Have you ever thought, “Is it ever easier than this?” It’s like I’m waiting on an answer when I haven’t asked a single question yet. You don’t seem like you. You’re not acting like yourself today. Who am I? Who am I to you?
My head was stuck in the clouds just ten feet up off of the ground.
Slurred talk from a bitten tongue of love lost and the ties we let dissolve, I can’t say we were ever wronged, but we were better then. We were better then. Despite truth in the words we threw about, there’s not an honest tongue between our mouths. And you speak as if someone else’s words keep pouring out.
So much for the wild youth. A loose circle of selfish sons, we were all good kids, good kids doing wrong.
If the body’s a machine I can swallow some gasoline to put the fire back in my gut. Feel the warmth, know that it’s there, spitting up smoke and charcoal into the air. I could share it if you wanted to kill the old, apathetic you. There’ll be a glowing pain in your chest, and all at once you’ll be lighting up this shadowed house.
For your new friends, your dead friends, they’re here for the celebration. It’s your new life. It starts now, and everyone is here just for you, kid, the birthday boy. So leave your bags; don’t pick them up. We’re pouring out half-empty cups. We’re learning how to live. So put on your bravest face, and don’t you think of sink or swim: just jump in.
We’ll be all right for the rest of our lives.
We’re forgetting all our names. It’s just how it seems to me.
Track Name: Anyone
(...Breathe in and out) The wind came in and lifted up the curtain, filled my lungs, and I shook off the dust as I breathed in and out.
(...Felt so alive) And I thought of my father, the places I’d see, the rest of my life, and the people that’d I’d meet, and I felt so alive.
It was then that I realized that I never lost love: it lost me. If I want a shot at a happy life, I can’t be so detached. When life hits hard I have to hit back.
With one eye on the door and an ear to the floor, I will wait ’til you come home. Sometimes it’s not so bad being a shadow to a life you thought you had so tight in your hands you could swear it was real. I was there. I swear, it happened. It was real. But, the most you could ever ask for is to mean absolutely anything, anything to anyone. It’s the most you could ever want. To mean absolutely anything, anything to anyone, it’s the most I could ever want.